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Total Home Week 1/6/20 - 1/10/20

8 months ago

Triangles and Unit Circle Review

Directions for Total Home Week Work:  There are 5 lessons to work on this week.  While watching or reading the lesson, take detailed notes, then do the corresponding practice and or homework.  The homework and notes are due the day you come back to school (1/14/20).  There will also be a short quiz on these topics.  If you have any questions, you can email me at

Lesson 1: Law of Sines

  • Watch and take notes on the following video:  Law of Sines
  • Practice Problems - make sure to write each problem in your notes.  Label them "Practice Problems"

Lesson 2: Law of Cosines

Lesson 3: Ambiguous Case

  • Watch and take detailed notes on the following video: Ambiguous Case

  • Read and take detailed notes on the following web-site:  Ambiguous Case2

  • Practice Problems - do the Practice section from the previous SoftSchool web-site.  Copy each problem (1-5) into your notes and find the corresponding answer.

  • Homework for Lesson 3: Homework (a - d)

Lesson 4: Unit Circle

  • Homework: Unit Circle Worksheet

  • Need Help?  Look at the following resources (you do not need to take notes on these):

Lesson 5: Graphing Sin Functions

  • Homework: Sin Graph WS

  • Need Help?  Look at the following resource (you do not need to take notes on this):

By Lori Stateham