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Mountain Valley Academy is a rare and unique place for learning. Our alternative school incorporates a non-threatening flexible environment that fosters self-motivation and responsibility for students' own learning. Parents are considered partners in their child’s education, working actively with teachers for the good of the student. Our high school program provides opportunities for students in 9th-12th grade to interact providing positive role models for our younger students. Our campus offers a state of the art computer lab, science lab, cooking kitchen, online Edgenuity courses, math lab and academic tutorials, an evolving library, a lively drama and an active ASB. For more information please call our main office at 760-787-3600.
College & Career Advising
Available for MVA
11th & 12th Grade Students

Victoria Mackenzie
Guidance Information Specialist

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Work Permits
Work permits can be picked up in the Ramona Community Campus Front Office. Turn completed forms in to Cynthia Salow at Ramona High School for processing.

Cynthia Salow 760-787-4005