MAP Growth Assessments

7 months ago

What is MAP Growth?

MAP Growth helps teachers understand what students know today, so goals can be set to improve growth throughout the year.  Students can not pass or fail this test.

This test will not affect grades. In fact, it's normal for students to only answer about half the questions correctly.  Please don't help them!

Given the challenges of learning from home, MAP Growth test results are especially helpful for us this year.  These results will help us know what students are ready to learn.

Test Preparation

 Preparation Prior to Test Day

  1.  Make sure your device has an internet connection
  2.  Make sure your device meets testing requirements using the Device Readiness Check
  3.  Disable pop-up blocking on your internet browser if the readiness checker indicates you need to. If you are using an RUSD Chromebook, your site is whitelisted so this step should not be necessary.
  4.  Make sure your child has headphones
  5.  Watch the MAP Growth introduction video
  6.  Practice the test at  (Username: grow, Password: grow)

On Test Day

  1.  Minimize distractions for your child as much as possible

  2.  Provide a quiet testing environment

  3.  Open the testing page:
  4.  Join the Zoom Meeting
  5. Please mute your microphone.  If prompted when you join the meeting, please click yes on the prompt that says "Allow meeting host to unmute my microphone"
  6. You will be given instructions, including the session name and password for the test during the Zoom meeting.
  7. You must leave your video on and microphone muted while taking the test.
  8. Follow any additional instructions from the teacher or proctor.
  9. Do NOT help your child with the test.  This test is designed to measure the student's knowledge, and it is normal for students to only answer about half the questions correctly.
  10. Expect the tests to take approximately 60 minutes each.  There will be a short break between the reading and math sections if taking more than one test in a day.