Math 2+

Welcome to Math 2+!


Make sure to take advantage of the eBook.  There are many resources available to you when you use this tool.  You can login to the CPM website for the first time at  Then register with a name and password. 

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If you want a heads up on what we will be studying and when, please take a look at our Chapter Outlines on the link to the left.  You will find the current homework here as well.


Remind is an app to text without using phone numbers.  It allows me to send reminders to both students and parents about upcoming tests or events.  If you would like to sign up for Remind.  Text @lstateha to 81010.



Students will have homework every night.  Please make sure your student is keeping up with the work and checking it regularly.  If you need help with your homework, click Homework Help to go straight to tips and hints.  When they turn in their homework (PENCIL ONLY) it needs to be corrected. Below you will find PDF's of all Chapter Homework Answers.

Ch1 Homework Answers.pdf
2Plus Packet123 Ans.pdf
Ch2 Homework Answers.pdf
211-212 Packet Answers.pdf
Ch3 Homework Answers.pdf
Ch4 Homework Answers.pdf
4.1.2 Packet Answers.pdf
4.2.2 Packet Answers pdf
Missing Parts of a Triangle HW Answers
Laws of Cosines Answers.pdf
The Ambiguous Case HW Answers.pdf
Ch5 Homework Answers.pdf
Radical Review Answers.pdf
724 Ambiguous Case Answer 93.pdf
Ch6 Homework Answers.pdf
Ch7 Homework Answers.pdf
Ch8 Homework Answers.pdf
Ch9 Homework Answers.pdf
Ch10 Homework Answers.pdf
Circles HW Answer Key.pdf
Parabola HW Answer Key.pdf
Ellipse HW Answer Key (13 - 23).pdf
Ellipse HW Answer Key.pdf
Hyperbola HW Answer Key.pdf
Ch11 Homework Answers.pdf
Ch12 Homework Answers.pdf