College Application Tips
  1. Be completely honest! Making sure that you are accurately portraying your grades, test scores and even community service is an essential part of getting into the school of your choice.
  2.  Apply Broadly. Applying to more than one college including multiple UC’s for example can increase your chances to get accepted.
  3. Complete your personal statement with purpose. If you are passionate about what you have to say the person reading your essay will be able to feel that as well. If it seems boring….it just might be?
  4. Make sure that your application looks well put together. Messy and unreadable applications end up in the trash.
  5. If something happens and you move you will need to make changes to your application. Don’t forget if you to update your email address or phone number too!
  6. Make a professional email address. Yes colleges will notice if your email is inappropriate.
  7. Keep copies of everything you send to colleges!!!!!
  8. Print out hard copies of applications that you send in to colleges. If you use the common application only one is needed.
  9. Make contact with your colleges….that might make the difference you need to get in.
  10. Get a proof of mailing when sending things to colleges.