Guile, Duayne


Welcome to Duayne Guile's class

Email Address:
Phone number: (760)787-3632

Hello and welcome to the 2017/2018 school year! I am excited and I hope you are as well. The keys to success in the classroom is coming prepared everyday, hard work, positive attitude, persistence, and effort. Take advantage of tutorial hours it is a valuable resource that will help you progress in this class. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. You can reach me by using my email address or school phone number.

Class Schedule

  • Monday:
  • ASB-period 6
  • Tuesday/Thursday:
  • World History - Period 3
  • Civics/Econ - Period 4
  • Tutorial – Period 5
  • Wednesday/Friday:    
  • Tutorial – Period 4
  • US History – Period 5 
  • AP US History – Period 6

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Power School

You will need your student's ID number in order to log-in.

User name: First initial followed by the 1st 3 letters of the student's last name and then the last 4 digits of their student ID number.

For example, if my student ID # is 12345678 my User name would be dgui5678

Password: The last 2 digits of the student ID number followed by the student birth date.

Example: 78mmddyy